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I have an Apple product that needs service. Do I need to make an appointment?

While Apple does have an online appointment scheduler you can use, we also accept walk-ins when time permits. Repairs are done on a first come, first served basis, so just bring your device in when you can and it’ll be looked at in the order in which it came in.

I have some issues with my Apple product. Can I tell you all about it and get help on the phone?

Unfortunately we aren’t able to provide any tech support or troubleshooting over the phone. There are just way too many variables to do an effective job of troubleshooting without seeing the issue and, realistically, if your product needs a repair there isn’t anything we can do to fix it without seeing the device in person anyway.

I spilled something on my laptop. How much will it be to repair it?

Liquid spills are unique occurrences, with no two being the same. Sometimes you get lucky and a computer can have tons of corrosion and spill residue all over the main logic board and it will boot up and run just fine. Other spills might only be a drop or two, but if it lands in the wrong place and shorts the wrong two items on the board the computer can be completely fried. As such estimates are impossible to give by phone or email. We need to see the device in person and take it apart to ascertain what’s damaged and what isn’t.

My Mac needs a repair or upgrade. Is there anything I need to bring along with it?

It's best if you leave your power adapters, keyboards and mice at home unless the computers issue pertains to them specifically. We have all these peripherals here and we’d rather use ours as that ensures consistency and minimizes confusion.

I’m about to bring in my Mac. Will I lose all my data?

There are very few circumstances which would require us to wipe your drive and if we need to we always ensure you have a backup prior to doing so. That being said, hard drive failures can happen at any time so its always a great idea to have a backup prior to bringing the machine in for service.

I’m bringing in my iPhone/iPad. Will I lose all the data on it?

There’s a pretty good chance that we will have to wipe your device while we are troubleshooting it. In order to save time please back your device up either to iTunes or to iCloud before bringing it in for service. We do not backup iPhones/iPads and take no responsibility for the safety of your data. Please also ensure that the "Find my iPhone” feature in iCloud is disabled as we cannot process repairs if that feature is turned on.

I haven't heard back from you about my repair. Should I call for an update?

If you haven’t heard from us that means we’re either busy working on other customers' devices that came in before yours or we are working away on yours but haven’t pinned down the exact cause of the issue yet. We always work as fast as we can but some issues take longer than others to identify. Please be patient and as soon as we have news for you we promise you’ll be the first to know.

I’m having trouble with my iPhone/iPad. Is there anything I can try at home before I come to see you?

Many iOS device issues are software glitches that can be resolved by backing up the device, restoring it with new software from Apple and then restoring the backup. If the issue still persists after trying that please run another backup and set the device up as a new device. If the issue is still persisting then its likely you have a hardware issue and should bring it in to see us. If you haven’t tried these steps already when you come in they will be the first things we do so having tried them already can save time and ensure you get your device back ASAP. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

My device’s battery life isn’t great anymore. What can I do?

While all rechargeable batteries do degrade over time many battery life issues are caused by buggy apps and software. Take a look here for some tips and tricks and if you’re still having trouble after trying these then bring your device in for some testing.

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